How To Get Big Buttocks Faster

How To Get Big Buttocks Faster

If you want a big butt, then just by following a few things, you can increase the size of your butt in a short time. With the right diet, regular exercise and a better lifestyle, you can get a shapely buttocks. In this article of Stylespedia, we will tell about useful exercises for curvy buttocks.

5 Best Exercises To Get Bigger and shapely Buttocks.

Exercise proves to be very helpful to get a shapely buttocks. Below we are telling about these exercises.

1. Squat

If you want to get curvy buttocks and are looking for an easy way to do this, then squats are perfect for you. Not only this, the muscles also get stronger by doing this exercise. Doing regular squats strengthens the gluteal muscles. Squats strengthen your butt. By regularizing this workout, the hips can also be strengthened.

How To Do

Squats are very easy to do. You can do this anywhere and anytime. Let us know how to do this exercise.

  1. First of all, stand up straight.
  2. Keep a little distance between the toes and try to keep the toes.
  3. Looking at the front and looking at the shoulders backwards, take out the chest a little.
  4. Now try to sit down by bending the knees but you do not have to sit down completely.
  5. During this, keep in mind that the weight of your body should be on your thighs and not on your knees.
  6. Now bring the hands close to your chest and bend the back a little further in line with the neck.
  7. After staying in this pose for a few seconds, slowly stand up while exhaling.
  8. Repeat this over and over again to reap the benefits of the squat.

2. Donkey Kicks

The muscles of the hips are strengthened by the donkey kick exercise. This exercise is very easy. The donkey kick exercise provides enough oxygen to the body and increases the capacity of the muscles. This exercise strengthens the thigh muscles. Let us now know how to do this exercise.

How To Do

  1. first of all, take a mat.
  2. Now sit on that mat with your knees bent and then bend forward and put your elbows on the ground and come in a quadruped position.
  3. After this, move your elbows slightly forward on the ground parallel to your shoulders.
  4. During this, both the hands should be at equal distance from the shoulders.
  5. Now slowly take the leg back and lift it up. Stayed in this state for some time.
  6. Now take the foot down and return to the first position.
  7. Now you have to repeat the same process with the other leg.
  8. You have to complete 2 sets of this cycle.

3. Barbel Squat

This is the most common squat. Most people do this. There are many ways to do squats. The barbel squat is one of these. The barbel squat also tones the gluteus muscles like the squat.

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How To Do

  1. First of all, keep a barbell of medium size on the shoulder.
  2. Then come into the squat position and keep your thighs parallel to the ground.
  3. During this, try to keep your hips down, behind the shoulders and out the chest.
  4. Do squats while keeping the balance of the body.
  5. Do three sets of 12 squats daily.

4. Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell swing strengthens the shoulders, legs, hips and back. Kettlebell exercises are also very beneficial for curvy buttocks. Kettlebell swing exercises can be considered very helpful to bring the hips to shape and in the right shape.

How To Do

  1. Make a gap of 3 to 4 feet between both the legs and place the kettlebell between the legs.
  2. Now bend your legs slightly and bend the hips down and lift the kettlebell with both hands.
  3. Now, keeping the arms straight in one motion, raise the kettlebell upwards until it is slightly higher than your shoulders. With this straighten your legs.
  4. When lifting the kettlebell upward, the force should come from the hips to the core and hands, that too with increasing speed.
  5. Without stopping the movement, lower the kettlebell by bending the hips and bending the knees.
  6. Keep in mind, while doing this, the kettlebell will pass between both the legs.

5. Dumbbell Lunges

Dumbbell lunges can also be included in exercises for shapely buttocks. This exercise is considered very beneficial for the lower body. This exercise helps in improving the balance of the body. Apart from this, regularizing this exercise strengthens the hip bones. In addition, they increase flexibility. Let us know how to do this exercise.

How To Do

  1. First of all, stand in a normal position.
  2. Now extend your right leg forward by two feet.
  3. Now, keeping the balance of your body, bend the right leg from the knees and try to sit on the left leg making an angle of 90 degrees.
  4. When sitting down, keep the knee of the left leg on the floor and keep in mind that during this time not the whole leg, only the knee and toes should touch the ground.
  5. Remain in this position for a few seconds. Keep the upper body straight.
  6. Then with the help of toes, raise yourself upwards while putting weight on the paws and come to the starting position.
  7. Similarly repeat this process with the other leg.
  8. Do this exercise under the supervision of a trainer.

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