Fastest Way to Treat Acid Reflux Naturally

Fastest Way to Treat Acid Reflux Naturally

Acid reflux is a symptom. it is simply caused by excess production of acid by the gastric glands of the stomach. normally your stomach produces hydrochloric acid to help digest and break down food. now we must understand, first of all that acidity occurs due to triggers such as acidic food, alcohol, dehydration and stress which cause excess production of acid. (Treat Acid Reflux Naturally)

today let us see a set of techniques that you can follow daily to get rid of acid reflux naturally and permanently.

1. Food

first comes food . this food aspect is very important. when it comes to acid reflux after every meal. suck on small piece of jaggery. jaggery maintains normal body temperature and cools the stomach.

drink 1 cup of cold cow’s milk or almond milk. if you have a severe acid reflux, milk helps to neutralize acid because its character is alkaline. coconut water, buttermilk, bananas and apples are also good to soothe your stomach.

I would give you a drink recipe that is useful to reduce acid reflux symptoms.

  • soak coriander seeds in water.
  • take 50 mL of this water.
  • soak barely about 4 hours in water.
  • and take 100 ml of this water.
  • take one small cucumber.
  • one inch Ginger.
  • one tablespoon lemon juice.
  • few mint leaves.
  • blend all these ingredients together.
  • Garnish it with lemon slice and mint leaves.

you can have this drink either mid morning or half an hour after meal. whenever you have acid reflux person must eat sensibly and avoid all that food which does not agree with your system.

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2. Follow Proper Eating Habits

Remember to drink water half an hour before food and one hour after food. drink warm water before going to sleep. and as soon as you wake up stay upright after meals and take a gentle walk to improve your digest. avoid lying down immediately.

after having food do you have as a part of your morning hygiene routine. this is the practice where you clean the root of your tongue by rubbing it with your thumb. it contracts the stubborn and helps in a good elimination.

3. Pranayama

pranayama have a very soothing effect Cooling in our system and should be practiced in the morning. as well as in the evening. (Treat Acid Reflux Naturally)

Chandra bhedan pranayama

that is one pranayama called as Chandra bhedan pranayama. the Chandra bhedan pranayama is associated with the coolness of the Moon. it regulates the flow of bile and induces calmness.

C3 pranayama

another pranayam called as C3 pranayama. which is involves breathing in from mouth with the help of a tube formed by curling the tongue. it heals ailments of the abdomen and removes excess heat accumulated in the system.

sitkari pranayam is there which also involves breathing in from mouth with a clenched teeth formation. this pranayama is also Cooling and reduces mental tension.

4. Asanas

Let us see some asana. which you can practice right in the morning. which stimulates bowel movements. it is very necessary to remove the waste materials and toxins from the system.


first for the agustasan in lying down variation. it provides inside abdominal compression and stimulates the digestive system. releases the acid reflux in the stomach by improving digestion and blood flow to the abdominal reasoning.


Another Asana is makrasana. it neutralizes acid in the stomach. it is always best to do this Asana afedar before you really sit to eat your food. it is important to relax in shavasana because it releases muscular and nervous tension. it releases stress and invigorates your body and mind. if you suffer from chronic acidity, all these asanas can also be done right into your bed the moment you wake up in the morning. (Treat Acid Reflux Naturally)

5. Journaling

Journaling is also a very useful technique. in a journal or in a diary make a record of the food which you have eaten. all day activities you did or thoughts you entertain. that triggered acid reflux in this way you will notice the pattern in your habits with a little introspection. you will realize what to keep and what to let go in your life. one more thing every day write few reasons why you are so grateful in your life. it could be a blessings of good family. any talents or skills you may have even a strong working faith in God or in higher reality. this will keep you away from stress and negativity. which is also a major cause of acidity because there is a strong and direct connection between body and mind you know. know you can actually convince yourself into healthy states of body and mind.

so make the right choices remember what to keep what to let go and set yourself free from acid reflux symptoms permanently.

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