7 Foods To Avoid In PCOD & What To Eat Instead

7 Foods To Avoid In PCOD & What To Eat Instead

PCOD is caused due to hormonal imbalance. It’s not just genetics. There are many more reasons. Taking too much stress, increasing body fat, unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet can also lead to pcod.(Avoid Food In PCOD )

Let us know from which 7 such food items that you have to avoid in your diet. And as soon as you do this, you will notice that the symptoms of your pcod will gradually start getting better. If your weight is more then it will start decreasing. Hair related problems will also start getting better. If there is a problem of acne and pimples then that too will be cured.

Not that you have to completely avoid these 7 food items. There are some things which have to be limited and there are some things which have to be omitted. (best diet for pcod) (Avoid Food In PCOD)

So let’s know about those 7 foods.

1. Gluten

You have to limit gluten rich food items in your diet. Such as bread, wheat, pasta, bakery food. Glycemic acid is very high in gluten rich food items, which increases blood glucose. This can increase the hormonal imbalance even more. Therefore, as soon as you control gluten, the symptoms of your pcod will also be controlled.(best diet for pcod)

If you eat cha)pati two to three times in a day, then you can change it a bit. Instead of eating parathas in breakfast, you can take such things as porridge, idli. Then in lunch you can have chapati and vegetables with it once. And in dinner you can take such things as pulao, vegetable porridge, lentils and rice. This will automatically control your gluten.

2. High Fat Dairy Items

The milk of cow and buffalo is tasty, but the saturated fat inside the cow and buffalo is very high, which increases the level of androgen hormone by taking it. Due to its high, the condition of pcod inside the female body increases further. (best diet for pcod)

Sometimes cows and buffaloes are given hormonal injections to increase their milk production and drinking this milk also increases hormonal imbalance in the female body. For this reason, avoid high fat dairy items.

You avoid full cream milk and bring skimmed milk and make curd, paneer all these things from the same milk. If you want, you can also use plant base milk such as soy milk, almond milk.(pcod symptoms and treatment) (pcod symptoms and treatment)

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3. Fruit Juice

You can take fresh juices in limit sometimes but avoid packet juices at all. Almost all fruits contain fiber, vitamins, anti-oxidants and natural sugar which is essential for every human being. And this fruit juice removes the fiber and increases the sugar, which also increases the blood sugar level.

By taking fruit juice, there is weight gain and the condition of pcod increases further. That’s why you eat the fruit like this. If you want, you can take coconut water or lemon water instead of fruit juice. It also has a lot of nutrients inside and it also strengthens your digestion. This will also help in weight loss and will also reduce the symptoms of pcod.

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4. Bakery Foods

Baking is a very healthy style of cooking but it does not mean that all baked food is good for health. Especially the things that are available at the bakery shop are quite dangerous for the condition of pcod. Many times we avoid fried food and think to eat some bakes but do you know that pooris and pakoras are much better than puffs, donuts and pastries. (how to lose weight in pcod)

Bakery foods are mostly made from refined flour, which has a lot of sugar inside, a lot of butter. In a single bite of bakery food, we take in too many calories inside the body, which spikes the blood sugar level, which increases the insulin level, increases the hormonal imbalance, leads to obesity and weight gain and further aggravates the condition of pcod.(how to lose weight in pcod)

You can avoid high fat bakery food and do baking at home like you can make cookies.

7 Foods To Avoid In PCOD & What To Eat Instead

5. Starchy Food

You should avoid everything that gets digested rapidly by going into the body as soon as you eat it. And those food items should be taken which are slowly digested comfortably. Due to this our blood sugar level also remains normal. Food items that are high in starch such as potatoes, pasta, white bread and white rice, their digestion becomes faster as soon as they are eaten, due to which insulin level increases, blood sugar level increases, hormonal imbalance increases and the condition of pcod increases.(best diet for pcod)

If you want, you can limit them and eat them. Or you can take brown bread instead of white bread, brown rice instead of white rice, porridge, Instead of starchy food, you can take high fiber or green vegetables.

6. Coffee

Coffee is very good for health. It also naturally boosts your mood and energy. But in the case of pcod it is necessary to limit it. Because it greatly increases the estrogen level in our body. Due to which the hormonal imbalance increases even more. You can drink green tea or herbal tea instead of coffee.(pcod symptoms and treatment) (pcod symptoms and treatment) (Avoid Food In PCOD)

7. Chips

Every ingredient is present inside the chips packet which can make the condition of your pcod worse. We are increasing their revenue due to their marketing strategy but we are spoiling our health from inside. The biggest area of ​​PCOD is our diet. Not the diet that we make in our kitchen. The diet that we buy in closed packages. So its solution is that you stop eating chips completely.

You can also eat healthy things like makhana, nuts, popcorn instead of chips. Their nutritional value and their health benefits are enough for their marketing.

PCOD does not happen overnight. This happens because of our daily habit. You cannot cure PCOD overnight by taking one tablet. But with the right diet, right lifestyle and right food choices, you can control it. (how to lose weight in pcod) (how to lose weight in pcod) (Avoid Food In PCOD)

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