How to choose a hairstyle: tips for men

Choosing a new hairstyle can be an all-in-one intimidating, exciting and consuming experience, but it can also lead to the most unbelievable transformations. Even for a man who prefers to avoid complications, a new hairstyle lies as the perfect excuse to embrace change, to grow into someone better, to reinvent himself when the right time arrives. And with the amount of inspiration surrounding us at every step, sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint a bad idea from a great one, without first taking the fall.

A hairstyle is something utterly personal, something that should always reflect both your personality and your aesthetic, and above all something that should boost your confidence and make your overall look feel complete. That’s why choosing the right men’s hairstyle should always reflect a sum of perfectly good decisions that you’ve taken only after considering every possible aspect.

Choose the right hairstyle for your face shape

Before even beginning to search for inspiration, you should start off the selecting process by determining the shape of your face. This very first step may as well be the most important one, as it will help you make an informed decision about which hairstyle is bound to suit you best. Once familiar with your features, the rest it’s just a matter of choosing the right style to fit your face.


Acknowledge your hair

Acknowledging your hair is mandatory whenever you’re contemplating a new hairstyle. The texture, density and movement are the ones that will help your stylist determine what he/she can do with your hair. There’s a big difference between wanting a hairstyle, and the aftermath of that same style applied to your type of hair. For instance, a short and choppy cut that works on straight, thin hair won’t look as good on someone with thick and curly hair. So, the sooner you understand that not every hairstyle is meant for you, the better you’ll become at finding a style able to effortlessly complement your hair’s natural ability and hairline.

Hide your flaws, play up your strengths

There are hairstyles out there able to hide your flaws, and than there are those which are able to play up your strengths, but why choose between the two when you can have both? A good haircut should direct attention to the things you like about yourself, increasing your levels of confidence, but the right haircut should also be able to help you hide or downplay the features you don’t like. For example, a fringe can help to hide a big forehead or receding hairline, while a textured, mid-length cut can hide prominent ears.

New-classic-hairstyles-for-men                                                                                              street style .                                                                                       

Other influential factors

So far, you determined your face’s shape and the haircuts that are able to complement it. You also figured out your hair’s texture, but before proceeding in choosing your new hairstyle, there are a few other influential factors to be taken into consideration:

  • Maintenance – consider how much time you’re willing to put into your hairstyle every day; for example an undercut would require both a frequent visit at the salon/barber to trim out the sides and the back, as well as a list of excellent hair products to help you style the longer top.
  • Products – speaking of products, it is important to determine how much time and money you are willing to invest in your hairstyle; stick with something basic if you want a hairstyle that will have you out of the bed and out the door in a matter of minutes, and choose a more ambitious style only if you’re willing to spend time and money keeping it looking its best.
  • Personal style – as previously stated, a haircut should be able to complement both your personal style and your personality, so think about the kind of clothes that are currently building your wardrobe before making the leap. Don’t choose something too extreme if you’re into classic silhouettes, and don’t opt for a sharp look if your style screams edgy or unconventional.

Classic or edgy, pick a style that suits your personality.

Look for inspiration

Admittedly or not, looking for inspiration is what we all tend to do first. Sometimes is that same wave of inspiration the one awakening the desire to try out something new. But indulging into this step only after you have dealt with the previous ones, will probably save you both the time, and the trouble, allowing you to focus exclusively on what’s truly achievable. From celebrities, to fashion magazines, and from sports icons to the runway and the streets, the ideas are floating around, just waiting to be picked out.

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Pick a great stylist

A great hairstylist doesn’t have to necessarily come from the most expensive salons, although if the fame precedes him that’s exactly where you’ll be finding him. Either you’re ready to spend a little fortune on your new hairstyle, or you’d rather pay a visit to the good old barber, make sure the person in charge of your hair is someone whose opinion you value, who makes you feel comfortable and who ultimately inspires you. A good stylist should always be the one to help, guide and advise you on what will suit you and your face shape, but remember that the ultimate decision should always belong to you.

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