10 Wonderful Cardamom Benefits You Should Definitely Know About

10 Wonderful Cardamom Benefits You Should Definitely Know About

Cardamom Benefits

Cardamom is easily found in every Indian kitchen. Cardamom, which enhances the taste of tea and food, is also very beneficial for health. Cardamom has many medicinal properties. Which help to protect the body from various diseases.

In this article of Stylespedia, we will tell about the benefits of cardamom. But before that let’s know about the nutrients found in cardamom.

Types of Cardamom

Especially people know that there are two types of cardamom, but in reality there are six types of cardamom. Let us know about these six types of cardamom.

  • Small cardamom
  • Green cardamom
  • Black cardamom
  • Brown cardamom
  • Red cardamom
  • Nepali cardamom

Nutrients of Cardamom

Cardamom nutrientsvalue per 100gm
total fat0.4 grams (g)
carbohydrates4.0 g
fiber1.6 g
protein0.6 g
potassium64.9 milligrams (mg)
calcium22.2 mg
iron0.81 mg
magnesium13.3 mg
phosphorus10.3 mg

Benefits of Cardamom

Now know about the benefits of eating cardamom.

cardamom health benefits

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get rid of hidden diseases

Every night before sleeping, boil cardamom in milk and drink a spoonful of honey mixed with it. Cardamom relieves from sexual diseases or secret diseases.

mouth odor relief

Many people are troubled by bad breath. It is also known as Breath after. Chewing cardamom removes the bad smell coming from the mouth.

good for lungs

Cardamom consumption is very good for the lungs. Small cardamom improves blood circulation in the lungs. Heart problems also stay away by eating small cardamom.

strengthen immunity

Consuming cardamom is considered very beneficial to strengthen the immunity. For this, after roasting cardamom, it is consumed by mixing honey with it. Cardamom will actively act to strengthen immunity.

beneficial in weight loss

Consumption of cardamom can also prove to be very beneficial in weight loss. By including cardamom in the diet, the nutrients present inside it help in reducing the cause faster. If you want, you can boil cardamom in water and consume this water every morning. Due to this the digestion process remains fine and weight is reduced.

beneficial in constipation

If you have constipation problem, then boil cardamom in water and drink that water daily. Consumption of cardamom water provides relief from the problem of constipation and acidity.

improve digestion

Consuming fiber-rich foods is very important to improve digestion. Consuming cardamom and honey together improves digestion.

protect from cancer

By consuming cardamom regularly, serious diseases like cancer can be avoided. The anti-inflammatory elements present in cardamom are effective in fighting cancer of the mouth and skin.

keep blood pressure controlled

The magnesium and potassium found in cardamom keep the body’s blood circulation normal, due to which blood pressure remains under control. cardamom health benefits

relieve fever

Taking a decoction of bael bark with cardamom seeds provides relief in fever. Consume this decoction two to three times a day.

So these were some of the benefits of cardamom. We keep bringing such new information for you, so keep visiting stylespedia daily.

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